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Dangerous Goods Awareness

Are you meeting your employer responsibilities regarding Dangerous Goods?


About this Course

  • As per IMDG/ADR Code Ch 1.3 “Persons whose duties concern the carriage of dangerous goods, shall be trained in the requirements governing the carriage of such goods appropriate to their responsibilities and duties“. We can provide you with such training.
  • Informs personnel of the different types of dangerous goods and risks
  • Course meets minimum requirements under ADR and IMDG Code
  • Certified Blended Learning Course
  • 5 short Modules with Quiz and Assessment
  • Learn in your own time
  • Live Q&A with DGSA (optional)
  • Quality Assured and Industry recommended

Expected Outcomes

Be able to Handle Hazardous bookings and shipments with confidence!
Raise Safety Standards for Employees, Suppliers, Carriers and your Customers
Immediate awareness of goods that pose a hazard
Meet the required international training standards of HSA/ADR/IMDG
Ensure Quality Assurance to your Customer
Reduce Insurance premiums and risk to your business

Who is this for?

  • Freight Sales Quotation Teams and Personnel
  • Warehouse Operatives
  • Port Terminal Personnel
  • Companies, Organisations and personnel involved in the handling, storage and transport of Dangerous Goods
  • Documentation and administration personnel
  • Transport Planners
  • Shipping Operations Personnel
  • Import/Export Personnel when the cargoes they are responsible for are of a hazardous nature

Key Components of the Course

  • Dangerous Goods explained
  • Emergency Procedures explained
  • When am I responsible?
  • Who is responsible at our company?
  • When can we accept Dangerous Goods bookings?
  • When do we not take bookings for Dangerous Goods?
  • What documentation is required?
  • What is classification of goods?
  • Understanding UN Numbers and placards

Get Started

Practical training programmes are suited to in-experienced and experienced sector personnel.

Get started straight away. Contact us today to book Certified Dangerous Goods Awareness Training to ensure you are meeting your Safety Requirements as per HSA, IMDG, ADR.


Hear What People Say

The Port of Waterford Company used Maria and her team in 2019 for our company wide dangerous goods awareness training. Both trainers had the knowledge and skills to not only present well-designed course material but also had a practical understanding of their subject matter and were able to debate the complexities of the issues related to dangerous goods with our staff. Our experience of Maria and her team is they are meticulous in their approach to the training needs of our staff and we can only endorse their professionalism and will engage their services in the future.

Derek Madigan

For any companies who may require to have their staff trained in handling and dealing with Hazardous Chemicals, I have no hesitation in recommending Exportability for in-house Dangerous Goods Training.

Joe O' Neill

Overall, it was a great exercise that has given us immediate benefit.

Paul Mason


Maria is an independent consultant and executive Coach and brings an outside view of your business.

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